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Jane Wang
021 896 010
021 747 968 Dragon
09 213 0788 (DDI)
09 929 3626 (Dragon) (DDI)
09 523 0960(H)
09 570 2039(O)

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About Jane Wang

Since joining Barfoot & Thompson, Jane Wang has achieved outstanding sales results. She was named “Rookie of the Year” of Barfoot & Thompson and number one salesperson for the Panmure branch in 2003, her first financial year in real estate.

Every year since then, Jane has been the number one salesperson in the Panmure branch. She has also been recognised as a top performer for the wider company, being ranked within 6 out of 1300+ salespeople in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 3rd in 2006 and 2010.

On May 11, 2010, at Barfoot & Thompson Convention Jane was recognized as
“Top Residential Salesperson of the Year”
achieving panache of her accomplished career.

Originally from China, Jane graduated from the renowned Sichuan University with a Bachelor of Management before spending ten years working for a large export/import company. During this time, Jane developed strong marketing and negotiating skills and learnt how to build strong interpersonal relationships with people from various cultures and backgrounds – skills which have proven invaluable in her real estate career.
Jane is passionate about her job and works exceptionally hard. Her outgoing and enthusiastic nature complements her outstanding work ethic.

Jane is assisted by Dragon, her husband and associate salesperson, also Jessie Guo,
an administrator.

Dragon comes from a background in Construction Engineering and real estate management in China. This experience means he has a good understanding of the structure of a property and knowledge of the rewards property can bring. He is an extremely hard worker who is dedicated to his job and his team.

Jessie’s customer commitment is demonstrated on a daily basis through the efficient and professional service she delivers. She is punctual, organised and hard working.

They all help each other to ensure their clients get a level of service that exceeds their expectations. This set up is well recognized by many people as:
“Jane & Dragon the Most Successful Team”

To see Jane & Dragon on TV3 Campbell Live

Jane Wang & Dragon Zhou 的业绩

* Panmure 分行2003-2013连续10年Panmure分行第一名
* Panmure 分行2005-2013连续8年大奥克兰Top10
* Barfoot & Thompson 2009-2010年度最佳住宅销售奖

* Barfoot & Thompson 大奥克兰区2003-2004年度最佳新人奖
* Barfoot & Thompson 大奥克兰区2005-2006年度第六名
* Barfoot & Thompson 大奥克兰区2006-2007年度第三名
* Barfoot & Thompson 大奥克兰区2007-2008年度第六名
* Barfoot & Thompson 大奥克兰区2008-2009年度第六名
* Barfoot & Thompson 大奥克兰区2009-2010年度第二名

* Barfoot & Thompson 大奥克兰区2010-2011年度第六名
* Barfoot & Thompson 大奥克兰区2011-2012年度第四名
* Barfoot & Thompson 大奥克兰区2012-2013年度第三名



Jane Wang
Mob:021 896 010 DDI:213 0788
office: 570 2039 email: j.wang@barfoot.co.nz

Dragon Zhou
Mob: 021 747 968 DDI: 929 3606
office: 570 2039 A/H: 585 2448

Harry Zhou
Mob: 021 520 842
office: 570 2039 email: h.zhou@barfoot.co.nz

Davy Zhang
Mob:021 236 3972
office: 570 2039 email: d.zhang@barfoot.co.nz

Angela Qi
Mob: 021 292 1899
office: 570 2039 email: a.qi@barfoot.co.nz

David Wang
Mob: 021 351 1588
office: 570 2039 email: d.wang3@barfoot.co.nz



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